Advanced Three Phase Electronic
Revenue Meter

CT Meter (5/20A) - 1 active pulse input, 3 S0 outputs
Class 0.5

- Suitable for HV applications
  (optional calibration for 110 volt VT’s) 
- Suitable for extended rage CT’s
- 8 Rates Time of Use (with up to 60 previous periods)
- Large interval data storage - up to 24 years
  (records up to 16 channels of data)
- Power factor
- Voltage sag/swell logs
- 2 x RS232 ports + 3.6W inbuilt modem power supply
  (1 x RJ45)
- Anti Tamper
- Option for MODBUS Duo Translator or RS485 converter
  for multidrop applications
- Dimensions approx. 262mm (L) x 175mm (W) x 101mm (D)

Standard Model:


NMI Pattern Approval Certificate:
EDMI Mk10E - Pattern Approval Certificate 14-2-38