National Measurement Institute pattern approved electricity and water meters are required by law for tariff billing applications. The meters are manufactured to the necessary standards to guarantee accuracy for billing purposes.


    We offer a large range of smart electricity meters, both single phase and polyphase from the world’s best manufacturers of smart electricity meters, Kamstrup and EDMI.


    We offer a full range of current transformers including split-core, extended range, circular and three-in-one types.


    Our range of smart, ultrasonic hot and cold water meters from Kamstrup demonstrate exceptional technology and quality. They also boast long service life, high accuracy even at low flows and a range of smart communications options.


    A full range of gas meters, from domestic to large industrial with communications options for automatic remote meter reading, is available from SBS, as well as a range of gas calculators and compensators for high accuracy requirements.


    A heat or cooling meter calculates the integrated flow and delta of the water temperature and then integrates these values to calculate a kWh reading for the energy dissipated in the loop. These meters are perfect for central heating, district heating/cooling or chilled water applications.


    Pulse loggers are apt devices for integrating ‘dumb’ electricity, water, gas and heat meters into Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems. Our range of loggers with in-built communications capability allows these ‘dumb’ meters to become smarter.


    SBS manufactures a range of plug-and-play communications devices for EDMI and Kamstrup meters. From our MODBUS DUO TRANSLATOR to our ZigBee™ Mesh Radio devices and our serial and Ethernet device servers, these items simplify the process of designing sub-metering systems or integrating the metering system with existing systems.


    SBS stocks a full range of metering accessories from CT test blocks, sealable potential fuses, busbar clamps, meter panels and the like.


    SBS has significant expertise in metering systems for both utilities and sub-metering applications. We excel in multi-utility metering systems with integrated electricity, water, heat and gas metering and associated software systems. We also offer a utility grade meter reading service as well as financing options.


    SBS is an authorised representative of EDMI and Kamstrup products, and also manufactures a range of devices to support integrated AMR systems using the DEMI and Kamstrup product ranges.



Nov 4, 2014, 11:23 AM
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